Friday, November 10, 2017

Modualr construction company miami florida

About Steelhomes

At SteelHomes™ we manufacture high-tech LGS (Light Gauge Steel) structures for the construction of prefabricated building systems, steel trusses, luxury homes, modular residential or commercial construction. We believe in pushing the boundaries of innovation, finding ways to work faster and smarter. We recognize the needs within the construction industry, collaborating with innovative people. This we believe is achieved through our LGS framing system. On the premises of vigorously advocating new LGS formats; with a strong focus on environment protection within the steel structure industry. Using a wide range of cutting edge technologies throughout its production procedures to process steel in thicknesses ranging from Gauge 10-22 G90 – 50 KSI. That has allowed us to constantly find new ways to improve our industry while being on the forefront of sustainability.


To manufacture light gauge steel products that make the world a better place. We realize the potential in LGS steel construction to solve important problems for people and the planet, while creating profit for shareholders. We’re serious about safety, driven to achieve excellence, and proud of what we do.


Every company talks about values, but at SteelHomes™, you can believe they are absolutely real. Safety, integrity, citizenship, sustainability and innovation — these concepts form the foundation of who we are.


Having a well-defined culture and organizational structure around innovation helps build a higher performance through the sharing of best practices, resources and growth. This proactive approach mitigates challenges, minimizes disruptions and increases overall project efficiency by determining solutions before construction even begins.


SteelHomes™ Team Members are its most valuable asset. Our success as a company relies on the strength of our people. That’s why we are committed to building a high-performing, engaged, happy and healthy team. SteelHomes™ offers a balanced career experience that includes supporting our Team Members’ growth through development opportunities and challenging work.

Ceo Message

I believe that in this age, the difference between a good product and a great one is in its quality. At SteelHomes™ we are passionate about making great efforts to actively advance innovation, energy savings & new technology application within our LGS construction products. My goal is for future generations to be the benefactors of our innovative construction products.

In just a few years, we have grown to one of the largest light gauge steel manufacturing plants in the East Coast of the United States. Building with our steel frame systems and panel walls has opened the eyes of individuals and builders alike; that STEEL vs Wood & Brick is a no-brainer and that Steel the best option out there. That is why I fell in love with our building product and now I am sure that our clients, team members, investors and community will reap the benefits.

Alfredo F. Rodriguez, CEO