Friday, November 10, 2017

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Architecture finds itself at a crossroads. Building materials and new construction, along with the operation and maintenance of buildings, account for a significant sum of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. Faced with this fact, how are architects to responsibly pursue the act (and art) of building without further deteriorating the planet’s environmental make-up or depleting its resources? Contact us and we would be happy to email you our Architect Affiliate Program Plus, give you a tour of our facility and see how your insight to LGS can make your firm’s portfolio grow.


STEELHOMES™ loves to work with Lic. GC contact us today if you are interested in being placed on our approved list. Did you know that with STEELHOMES™ you make more money!

HOW? Light weight & non-combustible = cheaper risk insurance = faster installation = faster turnaround = more jobs = happy clients = more referrals = happy GC=MORE TIME FISHING


They are like-minded people who value community, sustainability, and modern innovative products.

WHY IS STEELHOMES DIFFERENT FORM THE REST? At STEELHOMES™ , we are working with other building professionals to develop solutions to the current challenges and creating new opportunities for the future of construction. Reducing the footprint within the construction industry is a goal STEELHOMES™ takes very seriously.


We offer technical expertise to proactively identify and immediately address manufacturing concerns. Call or email us for help, and a skilled member of our team of experts will answer your questions and work with you to develop solutions that meet all your structural framing needs.