At STEELHOMES™ We manufacture high-tech LGS steel structures for the construction of prefabricated building systems, steel trusses, joist, luxury homes, modular residential or commercial construction. We believe in pushing the boundaries of innovation, finding ways to work faster and smarter. We recognize the needs within the construction industry, collaborating with innovative people. This we believe is achieved through our LGS framing system. On the premises of vigorously advocating new LGS formats; with a strong focus on environment protection within the steel structure industry. Using a wide range of cutting edge technologies throughout its production procedures to process steel in thicknesses ranging from 10-22 gauge G90. That has allowed us to constantly find new ways to improve our industry while being on the forefront of sustainability.

Modular Steelhomes Products

Custom Houses

SteelHomes™ Light Gauge Steel is the perfect choice for renowned architects and owners that want an innovative and durable custom project.

Modular Houses

STEELHOMES™ is committed to providing the finest quality modular homes in Light Gauge Steel.


Industry is our goal. There are many reasons why steel framing has come to the forefront.

Why choose modular housing with Steel Homes?

Most cost-effective mid-rise structural material.

100% Recyclable. 68% Industry Recycling rate

Non-combustible; does not burn nor contribute fuel to the spread of a fire.

Substantial discounts on builders risk insurance.

Shorter and predictable construction schedule.

Less probability of damage in an earthquake & Less probability of damage in high winds.

Some of our modular construction projects

  • Residence- Miami
  • 7 Eleven – Daytona.
  • Burger King -Miami Beach.
  • Wendy’s - Key Largo.
  • Apple Bee’s -West Palm Beach.
  • Five Below –Jupiter.
  • Golden Corral-Ft Myer.
  • Ace Home Center- Miami.
  • Residence - Key Biscayne.
  • Guest House – Tamarac
  • Residence- Boca Raton
  • Residence- Miami Shores
  • Multi Unit Remodel- Miami Beach.
  • Gov. Housing-Nicaragua.
  • Building- California
  • Home Community- Bonaire.
  • Homes-Community– Police Depart.
  • Housing Community-Nicaragua
  • Housing Community –Panama.